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I Want to Build These 2 Side Projects, Steal My Ideas?

I Want to Build These 2 Side Projects, Steal My Ideas?

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ยทSep 5, 2022ยท

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Every developer wants to build some side-projects, for possibly two reasons -

  1. Develop a side income (which may become the primary income if the idea works well).
  2. Building side projects is a great way to enhance your skills.

I know people who left their job and make $20k - $50k every month from their products.

I do think you should also try building something that can generate some income.

So in this article, I'm gonna share 2 ideas you can build your product around.

As a content creator ( primarily on Twitter ), I also want to build an audience on LinkedIn. Even I got a yearly subscription to this cross-posting tool. This tool helps you write content in one place and cross-post on different platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. But still there is a problem.

The problem is, when you write a thread ( series of tweets chained one below the other ), it looks very good on Twitter, in chronological order, one below the other, makes it easy to read there but when you try this same content to cross-post on LinkedIn, it loses the order.

On LinkedIn, it will look like there is a top post, and the rest of content will be posted in no particular order, in the comments section of the top post, making it difficult to understand. This results in 0 engagement on LinkedIn.

On the other hand, LinkedIn carousels work best for engagement on that platform. But, making carousels can be time-consuming and thus difficult for someone to manage time who has a full-time job plus other social media to look after.

Look this is a carousel.

Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 10.55.58 PM.png

That is why I think any tool that can automatically create a carousel from a link to a Twitter thread will be of great help. If this tool gets integrated with some cross-posting tool like Feedhive, it will make a huge impact.

2. Matchmaking, Social Media Influencers ๐Ÿค Companies/Agencies

I don't know if there is any product of this sort is already in the market but I strongly believe this idea can fulfill some good use cases and generate income.

What Problem Will It Solve?

The problem I have observed is that many companies make huge efforts to get connected with good social media influencers to run their social media campaign. I have been in touch with a couple of companies to help them campaign on Twitter.

While talking to them I realized that they were unhappy with searching for influencers for various reasons. For example, they don't know how much money one will ask to run the campaign ( it is not mentioned on their Twitter or LinkedIn profile ๐Ÿ˜…), when they are available, do they even see the proposal of companies ( maybe their DMs are closed), also companies can not even know who is interested in doing all these, etc., etc.

There are so many reasons.

So you can build a product on which influencers will register and give details like their followers count on social media, their account analytics, their pricing, etc, and companies or whoever wants to run a campaign can search and filter influencers likely to fit with their requirements. Isn't this cool?

Also, this is not limited to influencers only but you can add technical writers, copywriters, content creators, Developer Advocates ( maybe), etc.

I will try building this one at least ๐Ÿ˜… .


I have these 2 project ideas in my mind. I got these ideas while using Twitter as a content creator.

You can find many more interesting ideas if you closely look at the problems around you and who knows you can turn that idea into a multi-million dollar company ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€.

That's all for this article. Feel free to share your feedback or maybe some project ideas in the comments.

Thank you โ™ฅ๏ธ.

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